I get the most creative when I either have something that I want to use for suer or I’m in need for something. This time I was in need. In need for a First Aid case in my bathroom. I don’t like taking medicine and for a long time I thought there’s no need for a medicine cabinet but guess what?! I got sick and hurt myself and have been accidentally (what a pun!) collecting painkillers and cough medicine and plasters. They take – surprisingly – a lot of space. So there was my problem. And here’s my solution:


I created this medicine cabinet out of an old wine box. (You know I love them and use them on a regular basis.)


All you need is:

– a wine box
– the lid (hopefully unbroken but can be fixed as well)
– chalk board paint
– painters tape
– 9 screws
– 2 hinges
– a screwdriver
– 1 tiny little magnet
– white chalk


Take the box and stick painters tape on the outsides of the lid and the box. Then paint the inside and the top of the lid with chalkboard paint. Let it dry.


Screw the hinges first to the outside of the box and then to the lid. Make sure you can open it.


Take one screw and put it in the lid at the back where it’s suppose to open. Put the little magnet in the side of the box – opposite of where the screw in the lid is. This will keep the cabinet close if you don’t need it. And now decorate it with the chalk and you’re done! Do you recognize the quote?


Now I have a nice litte handmade medicine cabinet. What endless possibilities a wine box can offer… isn’t it amazing? (Me and the wine box of course.)


Where do you store your medicine? Any nice little cabinets? I would love to know…


Now. Carry on!