I’ve been looking for some kitchen shelves quite some time. Our kitchen is a compilation (yes, let’s call it that) of beloved and selected (not to mistake for random) furniture. We don’t have built-in cabinets because when we moved it there was only a sink and an oven and we didn’t have the money to buy a whole kitchen. So we took the fridge from my boyfriends sister and bought some movable Bekväm from ikea and open shelving on the top.


I was in need for some more storage and of course I couldn’t just buy any finished cabinets. I collected some more wine boxes (you know I love them very much and create quite a lot with them) and upcycled them into a kitchen shelf.


All you need is:
– some old wine boxes
– some paper and color

Paint the wine boxes or stick some paper to the back to adjust them to the style of your kitchen and hang them on the wall. That’s all.


It looks a little random but I can be sure that nobody on this whole wide world has the same kitchen.


But I like that most of our stuff is on display. My boyfriend hates it. He says it gets dirty but hey! Why hide all the stuff that you buy or get? This way I can look at it and be remembered by the lovely memories I combine with it.


What do you think of open shelving? Yay or nay?


Now. Carry on!