It’s been quite hot lately and my religiously consumed coffee in the afternoon wasn’t as much of a treat anymore: who likes a hot beverage when you don’t know what clothing you can take off to still make a good impression on the occasional e-meeting? Not me.

So I’ve been looking for other options to get my caffeine fix than by my usual v60 drip coffee and luckily coffee is a real good ingredient for cocktails mocktails. (We’re talking about a work environment after all!)

This is a coffee recipe you can also make at an office – if you don’t have the luxury of working from home. Just beware that one’s your colleagues see you with this coffee orange mocktail, you might be stuck making a bunch of them! You might become their favorite person – so it’s not all bad.

Coffee orange mocktail

Coffee orange mocktail


  • 1/2 orange
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 100 ml fresh drip coffee (or 1 espresso)
  • soda to fill the glass up
  • ice cubes


  1. Freshly squeeze the orange juice.
  2. Stir the honey (or other sweetener) into the hot coffee.
  3. Pour the orange juice into a glass, add the ice cubes and soda and lastly pour the coffee over a spoon onto the ice cubes.
  4. Stir before drinking and enjoy!

The last step where you pour the coffee over a spoon onto the ice cubes is just for show. It will help keep the liquids separated which creates a nice effect.

But when you make your own coffee mocktail (preferably at work), it should also look like a holiday in a glass, right?!

Making this coffee drink doesn’t take much longer than any coffee you would drink during the day, so there’s literally no excuse to do without during those hot days!

Please share the pictures of your coffee orange mocktail on social media with the hashtag #lookwhatimade_recipe for me to see! I’d love to see who I can virtually clink glasses with.

Cheers and now carry on!