Hi, my name is Sarah and I work as an independent Content Marketer and content creator. I’m a freelancer and you can find references of my work and myself (in German) on my business site Show And Tell.

The main themes of my blog are sustainability, upcycling and natural crafts, fresh and preserved food and delicious desserts as well as drinks. I embrace a simple lifestyle that connects the digital with the offline world of DIY and handmade culture.

For you and your brand I create DIY content (in German and English) as step-by-step tutorials or videos – as a sponsored blog post here on LOOK WHAT I MADE … as well as exclusive content for magazines, websites, corporate blogs etc. You can find a selection of my work here.


Cooperation with companies

I had the pleasure to work with great companies like Bipa, illy, Staedtler, Ottoversand and Plenty on DIY projects and recipes. You have a brand that goes with LOOK WHAT I MADE …? I’m happy to host a give-away, incorporate your products into a native blogpost or create exclusive content for your channels.

Feel free to contact me for bookings and price lists via e-mail.


Content Creation

I’ve worked with several magazines like Servus Magazin, Altered Couture, Servus KinderAlpenwelt Magazin, OTTOInSITE and others on- and offline. For them I created, styled and shot DIY projects and tutorials.

Need some unique content for your website or magazine? Get exclusive recipes or DIY tutorials created by me. I present you an idea that fits your brand and I’ll send you upon agreement the written tutorial in German or English as well as step-by-step pictures and the styled result or a video tutorial.

You can contact me here for additional information: hello (at) look-what-i-made.com



I’m also accepting guest posts from fellow bloggers.

For PR inquires, product sendings, event invitations, cooperations, styling requests or any other questions please contact me via e-mail.


Attention: Please don’t contact me for link exchanges or pre-produced content from other brands as these e-mails won’t be answered and deleted immediately.