I had a very special date yesterday. I met Anna. It’s so nice to meet another fellow blogger. This looks even weird. I still don’t consider myself a blogger. Those are the pretty girls, the ones I read about. It’s funny to think of myself as a blogger.

So it was very humbeling to meet a blogger that has been blogging for 4 years. That’s like forever in my world. It’s incredible how nice and welcoming the blogger community is. She invited me to a workshop and we might do some projects together. You’re the first to know once something becomes official.


This has – however – nothing to do with the tutorial I wanted to show you today. The title has much more to do with the actual DIY. It’s about a box. A wine box to be precise.

All you need is
– a wine box
– part of the lid
– screws
– nice paper
– glue
– maybe also a ruler and something to cut the paper


Stick the paper to the back of the box.


Screw the part of the lid to the sidewalls of the box and voilá.


Look what I made! A tiny little shelf. Do you remember these pasta tins?


Now. Carry on!