Sorry for being so quiet over the last few days. I was in Munich – work-related. However while I was gone, buzzfeed published a DIY project I did for them. It got a lot of attention and I’m very pleased because it’s one of the best I ever did. Remember the kitchen shelf I made out of upcycled wooden wine boxes? It’s kinda the same. Same, same but different.


Because I have been asked before: the tea pot is from Marimekko. The cups are decorated with letters designed by Arne Jacobsen (you can get them here).

And it makes so much sense that you make this after Christmas and New Year because upcycling. But see for yourself.


All you need is:
– an old champagne box (you can get it from wine dealers or some delis)
– pieces of the lid (which you get in pieces anyway)
– a piece of paper the size of the back of the box (I re-used wrapping paper)
– 4 screws
– a drill


Adjust the paper into the box. I just folded the edges of the paper to the back. You can stick it to the box but you don’t have to because it will hold anyway.


Then take the pieces of the lid and place them where you want the shelving to go (you might have to adjust the size a little).


Screw the pieces together and voilá!


You’ve made a little shelf in under 30 mins! Like magic but better.


I use the shelf to store (some of) my tea collection. However it can hold any little things that you want to store on display.

Now. Carry on!