One of my New Year resolutions was to get more organized. I’m horrible when it comes to organization. Once in a while I start a new system but as the days pass by, I seem to forget all my good intentions and be the unorganized self. Which sounds worse than it is. Most of my appointments and tasks are in my head and I hardly forget them but it takes a lot of mental effort not to forget them.

Do you know that feeling when you are doing something mundane – preferably lying in bed or brushing the teeth or taking a shower – and you think of something that you have to do/shouldn’t forget/is a good idea and then you try to keep that thought for as long as it takes to put it into action?

I just went through my blog posts and realized I already made some DIY projects to get organized for 2016. Once I put them in order and organize my own work space (still on a To-Do-List) I’m ready to tackle this year and all the tasks that it throws at me.

10 DIYs to organize your home | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...1 | Motivate yourself with a handmade sign.
2 | A little shelf goes a long way to keep your things in order.
3 | Too many magazines lying around? No problem with a newsletter basket.
4 | A pretty clipboard is all you need to keep important paper on display.
5 | Spending a lot of time finding your keys and necessities? Make a landing strip for your home.
6 | Keep track of all your to dos with litte handmade rip-off booklets.
7 | Organize your office supplies in pretty concrete cups (image via We love handmade).
8 | Keep your phone and little things in small leather purses to find them everywhere.

What do you do to keep on top of things? Any secrets you’d like to share?

Now. Carry on!