From the amount of blog posts (or rather the lack of them) you might have guessed that I had a lot to do. There was so much happening in the last weeks, I don’t even know where to begin and where my mind is. It’s been crazy. First of all: I quit my job (say: what?!) and became self-employed in Content Marketing and Styling. Both opportunities presented themselves through this blog. Isn’t that even more crazy? So be prepared for some blog posts on self employment, good choices and bad influences. I’m not really talking about this right now. It’s too new to spill the beans and tell you all about it but I got some great opportunities… (Isn’t that a little mean to give you just enough information to make you wonder?! I promise, I tell you one day but until then my lips are – have to be – sealed!) I can tell you a timeframe though: end of October I’m gonna tell you the first part. (Now that’s even worse, right?! I’m a lousy friend but bear with me!)

Well, what I can talk about is my current DIY tutorial I prepared for you. Since I’m responsible for everything now myself (and working from home), I had to get really organized. There’s a lot to do and what’s more important then than a todo list to keep on track?! Yes, not much. Just cookies and tea to keep calm over the workload.


Now, look what I made: DIY rip off todo list booklets! They are easily made and make now tracking my tasks not only much easier but also fun!


All you need is:
– white paper
– a scissor
– a pen (you only need this if you make your own design)
– wood glue
– a brush
– paper clips

You can either download my templates here “Get it done” template or here “You are on top of my todo list” template. Or you can make your own design and format in any size you want.


Cut about 6-10 A4 papers into pieces of the same size and clip them together with the paper clips. Make sure that the top is one straight line.


Take the wood glue and brush and apply a thin coat to the top. Let it dry and repeat 3 times. And that’s it already!


It wouldn’t be my workplace if there weren’t any cookies, tea and plants…


I like that the cover makes me laugh and motivates me. What would you write on these booklets? Now that I made 2 and realized how fast and easy they are made, I want to make some more. Suggestions are welcome! Now I only need to figure out how to write proper todo lists.


Now. Carry on!