I once read on Apartment Therapy that every home needs a landing strip. What a landing strip is you ask? Well basically it’s just a place where you put your keys, maybe your mail, shoes, jacket and sunglasses after arriving home. This really stuck with me. Also because it sounds like you were on holiday.

Of course I have a wardrobe for shoes and jackets and most of the time those things also end up there. Unless they end up on the bed, some chair or sometimes I put my coat on the shoe rack. Well at least it’s in the entry way, right?

However I’m always bad with my keys and sunglasses. I waste so much time searching for them. I could have learned another language in this time period. Really.

So I took all the empty fruit baskets and wooden cheese boxes and created a practical home decor. I don’t want to call this DIY because the only thing that I did is cut out images out of cute books and stuck them to the boxes. Every kindergarten child could do that. So perfect for my patience and skill level.

Here is a selection of all the wooden boxes I used. As I mentioned: the smaller ones are from cheese (I love cheese and this was the perfect excuse to buy French cheese – as I ever needed an excuse.)


Here is a round shape that I decorated with an image. The only tricky thing is to get the exact round shape in the exact measurements.


And then I got this totally adorable birdhouse key holder from my sister Katharina for my birthday.


I stuck a few details of the book to the edges of the boxes to create a 3D-effect.



The tiny picture of the bird is from a Swiss artist. Cute, right?

This is how it looks in whole. I love the idea that it’s a nature related theme. As it’s the transition from outside to inside. Do you remember this S [heart] C sign?


Look what I made: a wall full of boxes. And of course I love making frames through Washi tape. It seems to be some kind of hype around the internet. Well, I’m in.


What do you think? Do you have a landing strip?

Now. Carry on!