I told you that Anna and me are working on something bigger and I’m very pleased to announce you today that I was invited to be a monthly guest blogger on Welovehandmade.at. I already wrote my first blogpost before Easter but I was so busy with sharing the most delicious flourless cake recipe and show you the best way to dye eggs naturally, I haven’t had time to tell you the big news:.

For the ones of you who are fans of my Facebook-page, you’ve already seen the link but I would like to share it here as well – together with some images of what the DIY looks like.


Now look what I made for We love handmade. These DIY paper bird cages are easily crafted and I bet with you that you have all the stuff you’d need at home…


All you need is:
– yellow and blue paper
– tins of tea lights (empty ones)
– washi tape
– thread and a needle
– a cutter
– a ruler


Cut stripes out of the yellow paper and little bird-shapes out of the blue one.


Take a piece of thread and make a know on one end. Now attach the blue paper bird.


Make a star out of the yellow stripes. They should lie on top of each other in the middle. Like on the picture above. Take the needle with the thread where’s the bird attached already and pinch through the middle. Pull through until the bird is hanging about 1 1/2 cm below the middle of it’s cage.


Now attach the yellow stripes to a piece of washi tape that’s a little longer than the scope of the tea light tin. There should be about the same space between the cage bars.


Stick the washi tape to the tea light tin and voilá! The first little bird cage is done. Now follow all the steps again to make some more.


Aren’t these DIY paper bird cages cute? I’m really smitten with the look of them. They are perfect for Spring or Easter to decorate.



What do think? Do you like these little cages?

Now. Carry on!