I know it’s quite late to post another blog post about colouring eggs. I know natural colouring techniques are so 2012. However I still write this post. Just try to stop me.

I feel some kind of an expert now after doing a workshop on colouring eggs with natural dying methods. Actually in my family we coloured our eggs with natural ingredients since ever and after trying now a few approaches I must say this is the one with the most satisfying result.

Here are the natural ingredients that I used.


The eggs came from my parents hen. They have some different kinds of hens and they all lay different kinds of eggs – from dark brown to even mint! It’s true. I swear! These are the different natural colours.


I cooked the eggs for 10 mins with about a tablespoon of the colour and because the eggs came in different colour they also took on the dye differently. Fun Fact: the white eggs didn’t take on the colour the best. Au contraire – the opposite!
I once heard that washing them with a mixture of vinegar and water would make them more colourful. Bullshit! They even turn bad sooner!
But without further ado: look what colourful eggs I made!

Here you’ll see the different hues walnut shells create.


This colours come from red wood.


This nice pink colour are actually created by dried lice. I’m not joking. Cochineal lice. They get used for food and fabrics colouring.


And this beautiful black to light purple colour comes from blue wood. Try yourself if you don’t believe me!


And because it was so fun to play with my dads professional photography equipment, I took some more pictures of the different hues.

egg_dye_blue_wood copy egg_dye_cochenille egg_dye_red_wood egg_dye_walnut_shell

Happy Easter to all my lovely readers!


Now. Carry on!