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When I think of Advent, the feeling I get is warm and fuzzy. I think of candles, soft music and lots of chocolate. However, this is a fantasy that hasn’t been true – ever. It’s hectic, lots of work professionally and stress finding the best presents. And on top of that making cookies and decorations.

I want to take the stress out of that and give you four Christmas DIYs that are easily made in one afternoon, made from mainly natural materials and one of my favorite: paper.

1. The simple half wreath with candle

This is one of the easiest DIYs and can be hung by a window or a door. Just make sure to leave enough room for the fire. Also: who said that green and pink are not colours for Christmas?!

2. 3D Paper Christmas Trees

I’m pretty proud of this window decoration. Full disclosure though: it’s a lot of work to cut out the pieces. You can find a template over on the page of OTTOinSITE.

3. Sustainable Christmas tree hangers

I love these hangers: they look like tiny trees on a plate. Simple and effective.

4. Quick and easy Christmas wrapping

I’ve reused the thujas from the Christmas tree hangers to make these wrapping paper. If the present you’re giving is bigger, just make a small forest. I’m sure this looks great! If you do so, please send me a message or tag me on social media!


You can find all the tutorials as video here on OTTOinSITE.


So now that my home is mostly set, can somebody bring some cookies over and get me presents for my family?! My never-ending appreciation is all yours!

Now. Carry on!