I was again  invited to do a DIY for welovhandmade.at. This time I made a wall decoration out of an Origami flower wreath. I’d wanted to decorate with flowers since months. Since Spring came really late this year, I had to become creative. This Origami wreath doesn’t wither all year.


However making the wreath is quite time-consuming. I folded most of the flowers while watching TV. I like that. It keeps my hands busy and I feel very productive. Do you do something while watching TV? Or are you able to just relax? If so, I envy you. I really do. Well on the other hand I wouldn’t have this wreath than.

Now look what I made:


You can find the tutorial on welovehandmade.at. Unfortunately it’s in German again but the pictures tell the whole story and if you have still questions you can ask me here.



Now. Carry on!