Even after the cake roll I had so many strawberries left that I had to create more food. Yes, I know. I’m the poorest. I feel your pity. Stuff that I need to use makes me the most creative. This time I might even call it genious. I’m so proud of what I came up with, I have the  urge to open a window and shout out: “Look what I made!”. Well that’s what my blog is for. My virtual window. Because this time, I think I might even start a food revolution with *drumroll* a breakfast popsicle! Yes, a healthy ice-cream to eat for breakfast. Isn’t that genious?!


And because you’re my lovely and dearest readers, I share the recipe with you.

All you need is:
– a ripe banana (the riper the sweeter)
– 10 Tbsp strawberry puree
– 5 Tbsp yoghurt
– 3 Tbsp rolled oats

Mix the banana, 5 tablespoons of the strawberry puree, yoghurt and rolled oats in a blender. Put a tablespoon of strawberry puree in each popsicle mold and fill it with the breakfast smoothie. Put it into freezer until completely frozen.


I came up with this recipe myself because that’s what I had at home and would eat for breakfast as well. Then the day after I created it I found a infographic with smoothie recipes for all occasions and guess what ingredients they listed for a breakfast smoothie?! That’s right: banana, strawberry, yoghurts and rolled oats. That’s like when I invent a joke and I tell it my boyfriend (very excited) and he doesn’t laugh (slightly less excited) and tells me, he knows the joke and it exists already (not excited no more). But this time it’s like I invented a joke that already existed with a much better punch line. (And that’s how I come back to the topic of this blog.) Because I froze it. So simple, so genious, so delicious. (I’m humble like that.)

Now look what pretty, healthy and delicious breakfast smoothie popsicles I made:


I will try now more recipes from the smoothie chart I found. Selfmade Ice-cream season has started!


Because I have only one mold, I took the popsicles out once they were completely frozen and wrapped them in cling film. Looks almost like a present. Who would you give it to?


Now. Carry on!