One of my new year resolution was to get more tidy. I’m writing this here in case my boyfriend reads my blog. He doesn’t. It’s cool. Now I can tell you that I don’t really want to become tidy. I like when things lie around. It’s make it homey. Do you know this quote “excuse the mess but I live here” could totally be my invention. It isn’t but I invented so many things like the Superdatti and Breakfast Ice-cream. I don’t have to invent everything. I’m not Nikola Tesla. Anyway. Back to the purpose of this post. Even when I don’t like it too tidy, I like to find things and have them handy by hand (handy by hand?! Is that even english?!). Like the other day I decided to paint my nails and the nail polish fell out of my cabinet and into the sink. Luckily nothing broke but there had to be done something.


That’s why I created this lovely wire basket to store them.


All you need is:
– wire
– a postcard
– scissors
– a box of the size of your future wire basket


1. Take the box and wrap the wire twice around it. Cut the wire off and connect the loose ends. Do this 2 times. This will create the framework of your basket.


2. Then cut off 6 strings of the same length for the walls of your basket. They should be about 2 times the length of it. Take one framework and wrap the strips of wire to the width like seen in the picture above. Let the loose ends don’t get in your way. This looks a bit messy but stay with me.


3. Cut off 8 strings of the same length and weave them through the others. Wrap them around the length of the framework. This looks even messier but it’s almost done!


4. Take the second framework and attach the loose ends of the corner at about the height you want.


5. Take now all the loose ends and wrap them around the second wireframe and voilá!


6. Put the postcard at the bottom to make it easier for the basket to hold your nail polish in place.

Now. Carry on!