One of the things I’m loving lately is making food: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It gives me a sense of control and accomplishment in these weird times. Since we limit our shopping to food and this only to about two times a week, I’m being more creative than ever with creating food from stuff I have at home.

There are a lot of “happy accidents” happening, as Bob Ross would say. I “inveted” a few recipes that I’m so proud of that I want to share it here. First up: my coffee breakfast smoothie.

I’m no stranger to breakfast smoothies that keep you full and I’ve even turned those into popsicles. (How cool is healthy ice-cream for breakfast?! Yeah, I know. It was all my idea and you’re welcome.)

This recipe is cool with the caffeine I need and with oats in it that keep me full through the morning. It’s even vegan (ha, check this off my New Year resolution list!).

Breakfast smoothie with coffee

Breakfast smoothie with coffee


  • a frozen banana
  • 5 Tbsp coffee
  • 1 cup oat milk
  • 3 table spoons grated oats


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and blend well.
  2. Serve ice cold.

I’ve taken a bunch of photos and one where you also can see my face. Now weeks after taking those, these make me giggle. I look so tired! If that’s not just on point for this recipe with coffee, I don’t know what is.


Are you more a coffee or tea person in the morning? I used to drink only tea but with my partner working from home (and making coffee in the morning), I’ve changed my routine.

Now. Carry on!