I’m not one who’s easily hot and sweaty. I’m more on the cold side. Like: give me a warm sweater and knitted socks when the temperature drops under 20° C. However I decided to not let the weather rule me. I mean, seriously? What’s with this hot/cold and rainy/sunny in 10 mins nonsense?! So that’s why I celebrate summer (at least on my blog) where it’s sunshine and rainbows and ice-cream as much as I want.


I experimented with ice-cream once again and invented something new (after my genius breakfast ice-cream it was quite hard to come up with something great). But now I present you my new favorite ice-cream invention: Look, I made a 5-min-ice-cream!


All you need is:
– 2 (over)ripe bananas
– 100 g rapsberries (frozen)
– 2 Tbsp joghurt
– 1 Tbsp sugar

Place the bananas in the freezer over night. Peel them and cut them into pieces. Add all ingredients into a mixture.


Blend it well and put it into the freezer for another half hour. Now look what I made! The most delicious and easy ice cream ever!


I’m so pleased with the result that I told everybody who wanted to listen (and sometimes even those who didn’t) that this is the greatest thing on earth and they had to (HAD TO) try it. Even if it means they had to buy a blender first. I mean, seriously?! Is that stopping you? It’s totally worth to invest in kitchen appliances. Always.


That’s how convinced I am from this healthy and fast banana raspberry ice cream recipe. You have to try it to. You have to! Please? Promise?!


Now. Carry on and buy some bananas.