I’m still very busy: adjusting to winter in Europe (after 7 weeks of spring and summer in Australia), celebrating Christmas and New Year and moving. Yes, you read that right. I moved and it’s so much work. I haven’t even unpacked all my DIY tools and material yet. So no wonder there has been no updates lately.

So to give me one more week to adjust and unpack and to give you something to read, I created the Top 10 Food posts of 2015. With your favorite recipes from last year.

Top 10 of 2015: Food posts | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

1 | I guess these heart cupcakes are your all time favorite as they lead the list last year as well.

2 | This image of the rhubarb curd makes me drool every time.

3 | A recipe to keep for autumn: porcini infused oil – perfect for salads and meat.

4 | Not only my boyfriend is a big fan of these good mood cookies.

5 | Are these instructions more a DIY? See how to write with chocolate.

6 | As pumpkin is one of my favorite vegetable I’m happy this pumpkin apple chutney made the cut.

7 | I made these chocolate raspberry brownies for a birthday and I wouldn’t mind them for my own.

8 | Strawberry season is one of the best times of year. I made some strawberry vinegar to preserve the flavor.

9 | If I could have one of these rhubarb gin fizz right now, I’d be happy.

10 | Last but but not least this lemon basil cordial makes for the perfect summer drink.

Which one is your favorite? Did it make the list?

Now. Carry on!