Isn’t there a meme out there that complains about people telling stories before they post a recipe? Well, I’ve seen it and I ignored it. Because the story I’m about to tell is real funny and if you’re only here for the recipe: just scroll down. It’s all there. You can even print it and not bother with any other text that’s on here. You’re welcome.

Back to the story around this Christmas cookies – that are by the way a staple at my parent’s house. I can not remember a Christmas when we didn’t have these rum pralines. Even when we were kids, my mum used to make them and trying to inculcate that we’re only allowed to eat one because of the alcohol. Which made them – of course – even more appealing for us.

Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Anyway, now to the story: Last winter my dad went into a liquor store asking for “a really good rum”. It was a delicacy liquor store after all. The seller showed him all kinds of bottles and they tested and tried and finally decided on a fairly expensive one. When the vendor asked if he should wrap it as a gift, my dad just answered: “no, it’s only for some Christmas cookies!”. Now imagine the face of the seller! Priceless.

Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ... Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

However, if you make good food and especially when there are not many ingredients involved, choosing the best quality makes such a difference! I’m not saying that you need to go buy a really expensive rum – just don’t choose one that you wouldn’t even take a sip of while you’re baking. Good rule of thumb for any cooking and baking if you ask me.

Chocolate rum pralines recipe

Chocolate rum pralines recipe


  • 250 ml cream
  • 700 g dark chocolate
  • 8 cl rum (or more to your taste)
  • 200 g walnuts
  • 150 g grated coconut


  1. Chop the chocolate and walnuts into pieces.
  2. Heat the cream in a larger pot until it starts to rise.
  3. Take it off the heat and add immediately the dark chocolate.
  4. Stir until the chocolate is fully dissolved.
  5. Let it cool until it start's to harden – now add the rum and chopped walnuts.
  6. Fold it in fully in the fridge until it's hardened completely.
  7. Form little balls with your hands and roll them in coconut shavings.

Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ... Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...  Chocolate rum pralines | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Have you made Christmas cookies yet? What’s your favourite recipe? Would love to hear of your trusted go-to cookies for Christmas!

Now. Carry on!