A few months ago a dream came true: my boyfriend and I moved into our own flat. Well, it belongs – mostly – to the bank so far but one day it will be ours. I’m sure.

We were really lucky to find this place and new exactly how we wanted to furnish it: we wanted a matte black kitchen with dark counters and black stone as kitchen top. Just like the ones I collected on my Pinterest board. So we talked to our carpenter and one day we met at our (still in the building process) flat to discuss options on samples he brought with himself.

Once we saw that essentially the counter tops would be basically with a plastic cover, we reconsidered the whole idea. Why would we ask a carpenter to do our kitchen when it eventually be with out of plastic (not all through but still). The other tipping point was when we visited my boyfriend’s sister who has a matte dark grey kitchen and we saw all the dabs of fingers on the surface.

Black is really the hardest surface to care and clean. Luckily we realized it before we took a definite decision.

This was when we decided on this simplistic oak kitchen with a dark countertop. And we’re so pleased with our decision! It’s easy to clean, you don’t see any dabs and fingerprints and it will last a long time.


Since I don’t like when wood slowly turns more orange, we asked our carpenter to add one fine layer of white lacquer. You can’t really tell but it mutes the colour a little. I really, really love it.

The stone we decided on for the counter top is something special too. We went to the shop and selected it out of all the plates of rock that where there. We wanted one that has some texture in it but you can’t really tell what you get exactly because it looks much different all dusted and unrefined in the shop. It’s so cool though! Even better than I imagined!

We also handpicked the handles for the drawers ourselves and all the doors that are seen from the front have a tap-on system so you don’t bump into them too often. They really make for this modern Scandinavian look I was searching for. And once we decide, we don’t like them anymore (hello, indecisive person here!), we can easily change them as the front is still intact.

So what do you think? I really love spending time in my kitchen and since it’s the center piece of our flat we really needed something special. And also: you don’t change your kitchen that often, so you really need something that can grow with you.


Now. Carry on!