Today we celebrate the 30th birthday of my boyfriend. We both took the day off to go shopping in the morning, eat lunch until we fall into a food coma and while he’s now biking, I work on my blog and write this blog post.


I take the opportunity to talk a little about him. You know him from several posts (I do mention him from time to time) but mostly in a negative way (like that he forbids me to store random things at home or that he finds my crafting childish) however he’s one of my biggest supporter. He is the one that gives me the time and space to keep this blog up and running. The one that holds me tight when something goes wrong (not only crafting projects or recipes) or brings me back to earth when I’m too enthusiastic about a project. He gives me wings and makes sure that one foot is always on the ground that I don’t get carried away.

I love how we walk the streets of Vienna together and whistle our own duet. How he kisses me every time that I hold my head close to his without saying a word. How we hug every evening when we meet again after a long day of work. I love how enthusiastic he is about food, nature and going on small trips. He’s smart and kind and sexy. I sleep the best on his shoulder while he watches TV. He still thinks that I’m funny and asks me for my opinion in matters important to him.

I have to admit though (before it gets too cheesy – or is it already?) that I sometimes hate him for being the realist that he is. I’m an overall optimistic person with a great trust into people and the world overall. However that also makes him my rock and he makes sure that I don’t fall on my nose. That I’m prepared for bad things to happen. But still. Who wants to think about negative stuff that could happen?!

I do love him to the moon and back and although it’s a cliche he’s my best friend and lover and family. Now before I get too much into detail, let’s stop here and can somebody please tell him that I wrote something nice about him on the blog? Like normally he shouldn’t but this time he can (and should) read it.


If you have someone special in your life, let me know what goofy thing you do that you love a lot. Do you whistle classical music as well?

Now. Carry on!