It has been pretty warm in Vienna lately. With pretty warm I mean almost 20 ° C and sun. So I took the opportunity to wear shorts (with light tights but still: shorts). When I was wondering around the neighborhood I had this epiphany that I want to make another clutch. Remember my other one? I’m so happy how it turned out and I use it all the time. So I wanted to make another one.

But I’m a lazy sewer. There. I said it. Not that I can’t do it. I just get bored and impatient and then it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to and the disaster is complete. Therefore I wanted to reuse something to make a clutch. Something that helps me with sewing. Luckily I found this old cushion that had holes in it and all. But the back (with the zipper) was still fine. So there was my zipper and fabric. Now all I had to sew was the leather part at the bottom and the handle.


So it doesn’t only look great but is easy to make too! Just the way I like it.


All you need is:
– an old cushion (or fabric and a zipper)
– some leather
– pins
– a strap (mine is a rubber strap, leftover from my cage bra)
– fabric paint
– a brush
– some chalk (to draft)
– a sewing machine
– a needle
– thread
– scissors


Cut the back of the cushion off.


Cut a piece out of the leather. Mine is 50 cm wide and 60 cm long. Depending on the size of the clutch you can use another measurement.


Pin the leather to the fabric with the zipper (if you don’t have a fabric with a zipper, sew the zipper on later).


Open the bag and sew the pieces of fabric together with the leather being on top of the cotton fabric. Turn it inside out and sew the sides. Turn it back and voilá! The actual bag is already done.


But since I made my first clutch, I know how important a handle is. Sometimes you just need both hands and want to put it on your wrist or you just want to carry it without getting a sore wrist. That’s what the handle is for. So cut a piece of the strap (leather or rubber strap) off and sew it to the one side of the bag.


Now all there is to do is to decorate the bag with fabric paint.

I painted some paper airplanes on it. You will soon know why this was on my mind…


And this is me posing like a fashion blogger in the city.


I was actually quite embarrassed by the people walking by. I could only use the pictures where you couldn’t see my face because you would have noticed my agony. So I looked down and to the side. Like everything’s normal. Yes. I sit on the floor all the time with my boyfriend taking pictures. Don’t mind me. Ahem.

Now. Carry on!