I know I promised you a post each Wednesday (and I have been a good girl so far, come on, tell that Santa!) but I have a really good excuse for not posting yesterday: I saved the world. You didn’t notice anything? You’re welcome!

Since there is nothing to worry about for Friday the 21st of December, we’re all going to celebrate this Christmas. Yeah, think about it. I saved Christmas and your lives and the world. I know. Better than the Grudge, Superman and Jesus together. Without arrogance, that’s how good I am.

Now back to this post: since there will be Christmas, I needed a Christmas tree. The thing is that my boyfriend and I spend the holidays at each others families homes in the countryside. So buying a real tree never made sense. Hence I try to be creative with a temporary Christmas tree each year. The only limitation I set myself: it has to be an easy arts and crafts project and be a nice decoration for my home. So let me introduce to you: the Diftwood Christmas Tree.


All you need is driftwood and fishing wire.


This is the result. If you look closely you can still see the thumbtack that I used to attach it to the wall.

Christmas_tree_top copy

For the decoration you can wrap some Washi tape around the driftwood branches.


But you can also wrap some wreath around one to get some colour.


Remember this orange star?



Now look what I made!


Now. Carry on!