Christmas is almost over. Can you believe it? You get ready for so long and puff! It’s over. Totally worth it but still. Now come the few days of eating and family time that makes it all worth while. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. We decorate the  tree together in the morning, get the last few things ready like supper and Christmas present wrapping and after dinner, we all gather in the living room when the candles (yes, we still have real candles) are lit.
We sing a few Christmas carols together and then we start unwrapping the presents. It starts with my little brother and then we go one by one from the youngest to the oldest. (Apparently I have been very nice this year, the Christkind has been very generious.)

Because I always celebrate at my parents house I don’t decorate my flat too much. I still like to get ready and therefore a little decoration has to be put in place. I took pictures when I was back home but I totally forgot to show you. So here it goes:


This year I made a Christmas box – at least that’s what my boyfriend calls it. He’s right though. I took an old crate and decorated it with the few things that assemble Christmas for me.


I got this tiny Christmas tree in the right corner from an insurance company. Technically I didn’t get it. The person who rent the flat before us got a package and me – ubercautious (and not at all curious) opened it and there was this tiny Christmas tree. I was actually complaining that I can’t have my own tree with us not being here around Christmas and I created replacements but this is like the perfect present (the fact that it didn’t belong to me didn’t bother me too much).

The Amsterdam skyline had to be in here as well – of course. Still one of my most favourite DIY.


Do you remember the lemon I decorated with cloves? It’s been hanging here for a week now and it dried and released its smell continuously in the living room.


On top of the wooden box is the landscape I made with the 3D paper trees. I’m really smitten how the box looks like because you can see so many details that you might miss on the first glance. It shows that you don’t have to create big things and huge displays to make something special. I can get lost in the smell and the look of this box and think about Christmas any time.

Now. Carry on!