Do you know what I love about Christmas? Having days off? Of course. The presents? For sure! Eating all day? You bet. But what makes it different from any other holidays like birthday (yes, I call my birthday a holiday. I’d wish it would be a public holiday)? Christmas is a celebration of all the senses. Think about it: the pretty colours, the soft sweaters, the food and drinks, the Christmas carols and the smell! Nothing triggers our emotional brain as much as smell. Every time I smell a candle go out I think of Christmas. pomegranat-lemon-cloves-christmas-decoration For the special smell in your home you could either bake cookies, light some candles or make the following DIY project. Or all of the above. Just to be sure you get the smell right. Christmas-decoration-lemon-cloves-supplies All you need is: – a lemon (and/or orange) – a star cookie cutter – cloves – some thread Press the cookie cutter into the peel of the lemon just enough so you see the shape of the star appear. Press the cloves one by around the shape and hang it with the thread. That’s it. lemon-cloves-hanging-christmas-decoration-diy Hang it where ever you want and while it dries the essential oils evaporate and release a soft smell. Of Christmas. lemon-cloves-decoration-close-up What triggers your Christmas memories? Which sense is the most important one for you around Christmas? Christmas-smell-lemon-cloves-DIY Now. Carry on!