It’s the first day of my Christmas holidays already. For about a week it’s all about presents, food and family. First up is the family of my boyfriend. We drove here today because his home is almost half the way home to my parents. Which is a 6 1/2 hour train ride. It’s crazy. If only the landscape would look more like winter. I just don’t seem to get in the mood when there’s no snow around – and it looks like there won’t be any before Christmas.

There have to be taken some measurements to fight of this terrible winter blues (already?). And there’s nothing better than eating cookies, lighting some candles and wrapping presents.


I found this fantastic black and white chevron paper and bought some red wire. With so many family members it’s hard to keep track of which present belongs to whom, so I named them.


When the name was too long, I just took the initial of the first name. Very creative, I know, but it serves the purpose.


Did you wrap all your presents already? I’d love to see  how yours look like!

Now. Carry on!