Yesterday I told you how smitten I am with the black and white paper Christmas mobile. Actually so happy that I had to make some more trees. Really. Couldn’t help it. You know that I have a lot of energy lately and it resulted in the weirdest activities: my boyfriend and I visited friends and when we came home at around 1 am. I just wasn’t tired and started to clean. Me? Cleaning? Yes. I know. I surprised myself too. Also because I cleaned all the shelf in the kitchen. A hideous work actually. And time-consuming. But after finishing it, I still wasn’t tired. So I thought about doing some crafts. And you know: Origami calms.
So I got my laptop, paper, scissors and glue and made some tiny black and white Christmas trees while watching Crazy, Stupid, Love. One of my all time favourite. Ryan Gosling. You know. All handsome and witty and smart. And Emma Stone. I like her too.


No wonder these trees look great. They are made with love! You can see how I made them here if you missed it.


Unlike the hanging trees you have to make sure that the bottom is flat. I just used the edge of the paper. Yes, I’m smart. And pretty and funny. Does anyone want to tell Ryan Gosling? Please?

Paper-christmas-tree-decoration-diy-detail Paper-christmas-tree-black-white-decoration-diy

I made some snowflakes with a punch and decorated the terrarium I upcycled a while ago. My own (black and) white Christmas!


It doesn’t look like we’re going to have white Christmas anyway. So this is a good substitute.

Paper-christmas-tree-decoration Paper-christmas-tree-terrarium-decoration

Now. Carry on!