Every year in September when I start thinking about Christmas I think that this time I will have all my presents at the end of November and my whole flat will be decorated by the beginning of December. Every Year I’m surprised that it doesn’t work out. I’m still missing a present for one of my closest family member (I’m not going to tell you which one. You already judge me. I can feel it) and my decoration is very minimalistic (to phrase it very positively).

What I’m searching for then are some quick and easy solutions: a bowl with nuts or mandarins already make the difference. But it’s still not enough. The mandarins got me thinking though. Beside loving to eat time, the smell of mandarins and oranges are the smell of the Advent time itself. Don’t you think? In primary school probably every child lards an orange with cloves. I think that’s a waste of a perfectly good orange (I don’t like to waste food). So what could I do? Thinking about this I ate a mandarin and left over was the peel. So I just grabbed a star cookie cutter and voilá!

A mandarin peel decoration star that smells good, can be add to every simple decoration and even hung on the Christmas tree or a simple branch.

You can also use an orange though and make bigger ones.








What do you think about this tutorial about how to upcycle mandarin peel for christmas decoration? It does make my whole flat smell great and it looks just too pretty.

I like how the orange goes with my black and white christmas tree decoration that I folded out of paper. The little forest I created with the pine trees is still one of my favorite decorations. Imagine hanging the little stars above the this scenery. I will look fantastic! At least it does in my mind.



Now. Carry on!