I’m going home for a 5-day-vacation. And with home I mean my parent’s house. I haven’t been there for ages (read: Easter). Yes, really. That’s a very long time because, you know, they have a garden and my mum makes me food and my dad gives me baking tips. So you will also benefit from my visit. And you know what: the weather will stay hot! I’m so into this “heat wave” (I would call it summer but that wouldn’t make a good headline for newspapers). I just have to be creative with drinking enough. As I told you already: this is a real challenge for me. I might start a new weekly post section about (non)alcoholic drink recipes. What do you think? Interested much?

For this post I adapted a lemonade that I love to drink hot in winter: the Lemon Ginger Lemonade Recipe. This time in ice-cold.


All you need is:
– 5 Tbsp brown sugar
– 3 branches mint
– juice of 1 lemon
– 2 cm piece of ginger
– hot & cold water, ice cubes, lemon slices for decoration


Cut the ginger into thin stripes and put them in a heat-proof jug. Add the sugar, lemon juice and 10 tablespoon of boiling hot water. The taste of the ginger will infuse more into the drink when you use hot water, plus the sugar will dissolve much more easily. Stir well and maybe break the ginger even more. After two minutes add 5 ice cubes to cool down the ginger mixture. Add the mint, lemon slices, cold water and more icecubes

Now look what I made: Ginger lemon-ade!


Do you know this lemon cushion in the background? Talk about great picture composition…


It’s so good when it’s hot outside (and can be served hot in winter as well!). I love versatile drinks like this.

Now. Carry on!