The heat is still occupying Vienna. And with heat I mean temperatures around 35° C. It’s really crazy. Luckily I made this elder syrup that I’m slurping now like crazy. I’m really lusting for a fresh breeze. Well at least that’s what I and my new DIY windmill decoration have in common:


All you need:

– paper in squares
– scissors
– small nails (or pins)
– small glas pearls (or wooden ones)
– wooden sticks (I used cocktail sticks)


1. Fold the paper into a triangle. Open and fold the other way round into a triangle as well. If you unfold the paper again it should have a folded X that goes from corner to corner. Cut now where the fold is from the outside to 1 cm before the middle of the paper.


2. Then pinch little holes in every corner of one of the triangles that you just created and the middle of the paper. You’ll see what I mean here:


3. Take one of the pins and put it through a pearl.


4. Fold the ends with the holes to the middle and put the pin through all of those corners as well as the middle. On the back side where the needle sticks out put a pearl on it as well.


5. Attach the wheel to the wooden stick and now look what I made: a nice little windmill.


I just put the pinwheel in my aloe vera plant and there it waits for the next fresh breeze.


I got those cute paper owls as present. They are called The Wise Guys and are from Mibo Studios.



Now. Carry on!