Besides my crazy love for the colour blue in all seasons I am recently (or maybe not so recently) a sucker for all kinds of yellow. Not only because I’ve seen this fantastic feature on SF Girl By Bay, I try to incorporate this colour into my living room. (This explains that but it doesn’t stop there…). I would dress all yellow – if it looked good on me and I actually had any yellow clothes. So maybe not. That would go too far. Just imagine! I would look like a huge lemon. Speaking of lemons. Those are also a summer thing for me.


So I had this idea of combining my urge to update my living room with the colour yellow with my love for lemons in summer. What an introduction! This all just to tell you that I made another cushion cover with a bright yellow lemon detail. Because that’s what I did. And here you can learn how.


All you need is:

– 110 x 60 cm fabric in any colour you like (I chose green)
– yellow felt
– white chalk
– a sewing machine and thread
– textile glue
– a 40 x 40 cm cushion
– pink coloured thread (not on the picture)


1. Sew the hems on all sides. I geniously cut the fabric the way that one side was already sealed from production, so I only had to hem 3 sides.


2. Take the yellow felt and draw a lemon with the chalk. The white chalk has the advantage that you can easily wipe it off and adjust the drawing. Cut out the lemon shape.


3. Stick the lemon on the fabric. To get it on the right postion fold the fabric as you see in step 4, turn it around (so the outside is really on the outside) and stick it on. Add-on: it looked a bit plain or as my boyfriend said: “…like there is a big yellow stain on the pillow…”. That’s not nice. One shouldn’t say that. But he was right. (Are you reading, dear boyfriend? I said you were right on the internet! Don’t expect me to repeat it soon.)


So I just choose a pink coloured thread and sew the edges with a zig zag seam.


4. Fold the fabric like you see it on the pictures. The outside with the lemon should face you. Then sew the sides one more time and turn it inside out. Voilá!


The easiest way to sew a cushion cover.




Now. Carry on!