The summer hit Vienna really fast. After having floodings in Austria in the beginning of the month it has now 32° C. No kidding. It’s hard to keep up. Yesterday it was the same and I wore long pants. Long pants! I’ve never been so hot in my life. But it’s not just me that seems to not keep up with the changing seasons but my flat as well. In summer I do like to add a little colour. It’s easily done with a few ingredients to change the look of your home.

For this purpose I created a short series of about 3 posts (maybe more, we’ll see how it goes…) on what you can do to bring a little colour into your home.

First (as a pilot if you want) I show you how to make paper balls (or pom poms) out of crepe paper. You probably have seen paper balls out of tissue. However I wanted to have some with more prominent colour and opted for crepe paper.


All you need for these paper balls:

– crepe paper (in every colour you like)
– scissors
– thread
– wire


The wire is optional as it does not end up in the finished ball but I found it a useful tool for making the pom poms.

1. Cut the paper into squares around 15 x 15 cm with also 15 layers.


2. Fold the staple of paper like a concertina. You’ll see what I mean in this image:


3. Wrap the wire around the middle of the folded paper. It now looks like a funny bow tie.


4. Cut where the folds are but not all the way through! Stop about 1 1/2 cm before the middle or it will fall apart. Wrap the thread around the middle and take the wire away. Fluff and ruffle up the strings of paper and now look what I made!




Now. Carry on!