Currently I have so many ideas for the blog that I struggle to get the time to create them. It’s not that easy when you have a full-time job and a social life. Many might say that it’s a question of priorities and they’re right. The thing is that I would love to value this blog more but I can’t. It’s like for many “only” a hobby. So yesterday I told you on Facebook that I will upload a post that night but instead I spent some quality time with my boyfriend. And now I’m glad I did because the blog post would have been some kind of “double feature” and today I want to post something different.

What changed my mind? The weather! You don’t believe me? Well this is what I woke up to:


No, I don’t mean the statue. The snow! I love snow. A few weeks back if you’d asked me I’d told you that I’m sick of winter and spring should come. Snow is so magical. It changed my mind twice. However ask me tomorrow when the nice white fluffiness changed into grey wet mush. For now there’s snow. And my sister is in town. And I’m happy.

She’s actually the one this post is about. Or rather her DIY. Because she made a hat. A beautiful one. But see for yourself.


All you need is:

a beanie
a hat net (you can get it here.)
a needle and some threat (That’s a rhyme! Sweet!)

Sew the net to the front part of your beanie and that’s it. That is how you turn a beanie into a hat. If somebody asks you. Well you learned it from me. This craft is as easy as it gets. You’ll see on the pictures (with my beautiful sister as model) what it should look like.




Just one second after she stroked that cat, some snow fell from the roof and the cat disappeared. Now my sister is scared that the cat thought it’s all her (my sister’s) fault. That’s the dark side of snow. Or so.

But what do you think about the upcycled beanie? Isn’t it beautiful?!


Now. Carry on.