For all those who don’t follow me on Facebook. My absence on this blog had a reason: I was in Hamburg. Not for pleasure. But still. It’s nice to travel. Also on Facebook (do you see how you miss out if you aren’t a fan. Yeah, that’s a hint.) I did post the bandit fox from Etsy and how sad I was that it was sold out. Some people (I don’t want to say names or point fingers) challenged me to make one myself. What I did. And it was ugly. I made another one. Still pretty – uhm, let’s say – funny looking.

But I can’t use more than two bandit foxes, so here is my own interpretation of the infamous Bandit Fox:


All you need is

  • fabric in the colour orange, black and white
  • black and white thread
  • cotton whool (more than in the picture. That was actually all that was left from my cotton clouds. I had to buy some more.)
  • a scissor
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine (not in the picture. Mine is a bit camera shy.)


I created a template out of paper. It is easier to adjust the measurements before cutting the fabric but you can still see what it’s going to look like. Then I made all the different parts. In this picutre below there are some parts missing. Can you spot which one?


I sewed all the pieces with my sewing machine, stuffed them with cotton whool and sewed them together to make the fox. I’m really not that good (or patient) when it comes to sewing by hand. However the fox is for my boyfriend and he doesn’t only support me but is my harshest critic. I love him anyway.
Now look what I made! My version of the bandit fox:

I had such a beautiful flower bouquet that reminds me so much of Spring that I had to put it into the pictures.


And here is a close-up of the face of my little bandit fox.


Now. Carry on!

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