Just because it suits the weather I want to post this mini DIY, I made some time ago. It looked actually great in real life but on the picture it looked even better because of the light that came down from above. It almost looks like the moment when the sun comes out after a cloudburst and there is a rainbow about to appear. Maybe even a double rainbow. Who knows. Or a unicorn and cupcakes. And fairies. Or so. Maybe not. Luckely not.

Well back to the DIY cotton wool clouds. I just arranged cotton wool and cut out felted raindrops. Easy peasy. I tied them to the cotton wool with some white string. Easy peasy. As I said.

I had this electric blue felt leftover from the hair bows I made. I now in this picture it looks almost black but in reality the drops are quite bright and colorful. I would hang this over my kids bed (if and when I have kids).

I always sleep best when it’s raining. A thunderstorm? No problem. I cuddle up in my warm blankets and listen to the rain pour down on my windows. I guess my child will (would) be the same and therefore this is the perfect decoration. Then I only need some sound of pouring rain and a crackling fire. Luckily there are websites for this. Like Rainymood.

Now. Carry on!