I guess I know to many teacher to think a two-week-holiday is special and I love my job too much to actually crave holidays. This leaves me torn between excitement for going on a journey and discover new things and anxiety that I will be far away from my DIY supplies, plants and coffee machine. Do you have that feeling sometimes?

To get me in the mood of traveling I collected here my tried and trusted DIYs and recipes to get ready for a road trip. All of them are coming with me and making this journey as memorable as possible. I use this time to get collect inspiration and refresh my creativity.

9 DIYs and recipes to get ready for a roadtrip

1 | Indian summer shorts

2 | DIY summer journal

3 | Cereal bar recipe

4 | Mate ice tea

5 | T-shirt to backpack DIY

6 | DIY enamel cup

7 | T-shirt refashion

8 | The perfect cut off shorts

9 | Outdoor cushion DIY

What are you doing this summer? Where are you going?

Now. Carry on!