I don’t have children and I don’t go to school anymore. However somehow this year I got inspired by the back-to-school-trend. Maybe only because I had a project in mind and by hand. But hey?! Who am I to complain when the muse kisses me?! You can’t decide when creativity comes and goes.

I got an old strapless t-shirt from my sister (which is actually part of a pyjama). With a few easy steps I turned it into a nice backpack.


All you need is:
– a strapless shirt
– some thread, a needle
– some cord (if you aren’t as lucky as me that it’s already attached to the shirt)
– needles


If you happen to have a top with straps, just cut the top off, so it’s straight, fold it with about 2 cms down and make 2 holes (with about 2 cms apart from each other). Now sew it close until you have a tunnel. Now take the cord and thread it through the tunnel. It should look just like my “before”-top.
Turn the top inside out and pull the cord to each corner. Pin it close with the needles.

Now sew the bottom of the shirt.

And voilá! That’s it already! Now look what I made: an easy backpack within just 10 mins.


Unfortunately it has been raining all day every day for quite some time now. So I could only take pictures indoor. But don’t worry. I will take this cute little backpack for a spin as soon as I can.


I guess this is just another great upcycling project. You can call me the upcycling queen now. Just kidding. Only in private. Don’t want to make anybody jealous.


Now. Carry on!