As I mentioned yesterday, I’m having a Halloween High Tea Party. And what would a Halloween High Tea Party without scary tea?! Well just not that, I figured. So I thought hard what crafts tutorial I could make to combine tea with the scary theme and I came up with this genius idea of DIY Halloween ghost tea bags.


The best thing about them is that they are done in 10 mins. Literally! So it’s perfect for your last minute Halloween party addition.


All you need is:
– tea bags
– a scalpell
– a needle
– black paper (yes, I did forget that in the picture. I hope you forgive me)
– glue


1. Rip off the paper of the thread of the teabags.


2. Push and shake all the tea to the top of the bag and wrap the thread tight around the upper part. Can you see already the shape of the ghost?


3. Take a needle and thread the string through the loop at the top. The loops already there just look closely.


4. Now cut open the bottom of the tea bag. Now cut a little black heart (or any other symbol) out of the black paper.


5. Stick the heart to the end of the string and voilá! Your little DIY Halloween ghost tea bag is done!


Now look at these little ghosts. Don’t they look fabulous?


I used rosehip teabags for this DIY tutorial to create a blood drink effect.


In goes the little ghost and it almost looks like it’s starting to bleed. Have you ever seen a ghost bleed? It was my first time as well.


For decoration I cut out the letters B, O and O. To go with the cake I eat along with the bloody tea.


Now. Carry on!