I try to post only once a week. Not because I don’t have more ideas or to few material. It’s just sometimes hard with work and everything. And then comes the Christmas season. The DIY season as you want. There are never more people invested, interested and inspired than around the Christmas time. It’s also the time of days being to short (not only because of the darkness that falls upon us in the middle of the day) and after work nights are long. These are a lot of excuses to break with the one-blogpost-per-week-tradition.
My boyfriend and I have this tradition that we fill an Advent calendar for each other every other year. It’s my turn this year and I fill the same Advent calendar that I made a few years ago. What’s a good thing. I like stuff that lasts and considering it’s made out of paper, I have to admire my consideration and safety regulation when it comes to storing it. Actually everything fits in a shoe box. So it’s not a real hassle. But still. It’s been going strong for years now.


Well back to the DIY project. I found this youtube tutorial for this Origami bags and I knew back then that I want to make an Advent calendar out of these adorable bags. And so I did.

I would recommend though to glue the bags a bit on each side. I know, I know. The Japanese Origami masters would probably frown upon glue but in order to open (and close) the bags several times, I found a little bit of glue helps a lot.

All you need is:

You don’t even need the clothespins and the string if you don’t want to hang it.

The bags are big enough for some small sweets and I also try to mix it up with some vouchers. I’m not going to tell what I make this year. No, boyfriend, you don’t even get a hint (he’s really good at guessing, I’m not going to fall for that one again after he guessed the best birthday presents in the pasts). Serendipity it is!


Now. Carry on!