This week has been crazy with work and travels and celebrations. Do you also get the feeling sometimes that everything comes together? There are days and even a week where nothing seems to happen and then suddenly all at once. I kind of had this feeling for 1 1/2 months. Pretty much all of 2016. Wasn’t just New Year and now it’s almost Valentine’s Day and then it’s already Easter?!

I used to be so good with Valentine’s Day crafts in the past year – it kind of has its own appeal to me in terms of inspiration. Love is a great source of ideas. Apparently. But this year I haven’t even posted one new DIY yet! Not that I ran out of ideas – far from it. So this week will be crazy with postings. I promise. I’ll make up for the lack of tutorials.

I have 2 DIYs planned, one great interview in my series “LOOK WHO MADE IT” and 3 (!) recipes over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, I want to spoil you. Is it working?

But for now let’s recap 12 Valentine’s Day DIYs to get crafty. Nothing says “I love you” more than something handmade, right? At least that’s what I got told as a child and I’m still holding on to that.

12 DIYs to try for a crafty Valentine's Day

1 | I’m no beauty expert. But I had to try my take on Valentine’s Day nail art. I love how it looks when holding the hand of my boyfriend.

2 | Got an old tin at home? Don’t throw it out yet. You could turn it into this cute heart shaped light.

3 | Roses are red, violets are blue, let the plant do the talking for you. It’s less cheesy if you use a cactus or a succulent to confess your love (or admiration – depends on the relationship status you’re in, I guess).

4 | If you want to bring flowers, add something special like these ironing beads love letters (also great to decorate a cake!)

5 | Did you know you can embroider a tulip leaf?

6 | Just got shot by cupid? Show it with a DIY display of its armor.

7 | Something to remember your love all year round is this wall art lettering.

8 | Get a free Valentine’s Day printable to confess that it’s not only the big gestures but the little things that make your relationship perfect.

9 | Got a love note or a cute photo you want to display? Make this heart shaped picture holder to make it shine.

10 | I’m a sucker for typography crafts – and this letter love display is one of my favorites.

11 | Sometimes the little things tell the best tales – what’s more to say than 💜? Just make this embroidered wood sign already!

12 | Put some love in it and plate it nicely – that’s the secret to the best meals. With this DIY customized love plate, there’s no doubt that you know the secret ingredient – love.

Which one is your favorite?

Now. Carry on!