I don’t know why Valentine’s Day is my muse. I really don’t. Maybe because I came to love the day since I get chocolate and flowers and have another excuse to cook a great dessert (while my boyfriend makes the main course). Maybe that’s it. Or hearts. Who doesn’t like them?

Or maybe I was just hit by cupid? Maybe that’s it. If you look at cupid’s armor that’s now on display in our living room, I certainly convinced my guests.


For today’s tutorial I made a tiny display of what looks like cupid’s armor. (Get the pun? Cupid’s amor, cupid’s armor. I’m hilarious.)


All you need is:
– 3 toothpicks
– red paper
– gold wire
– a feather
– scissors
– picture frame


Fold the red paper, draw 3 little hearts on it and cut them out.


Take the 3 toothpicks and wrap a piece of gold wire around it. Push it to one end and stick the hearts to the other. Cut three pieces off the feather and make them a little smaller.


Stick the feathers on the ends of the arrows with the gold wire.


Stick all three arrows on a piece of paper and put it in the picture holder.




Now. Carry on!