January and February are the best love months for me and my boyfriend. Mid of January our anniversary and then mid February Valentine’s Day. But that’s what you need with the weather outside all cold and grey and freezing and muddy. We invited each other to great restaurants and had some drinks. Mmmmmh. Love-holidays could be every month. (If I think about it March is my birthday, so I think that’s also a great month, any suggestions for April?!). I drift off. Anyway. I’m such a great girlfriend that my boyfriend also gets something from me for Valentine. (Yeah, I know. Best. Girlfriend. Ever. But I do expect chocolate in exchange.)


So I made this cute plate with a love confession.


All you need is:
– a plate
– red chalk
– red & black permanent marker
– some water
– an oven


For this hand painted plate draw an outline of what you want on the plate with the chalk. (I used a quote from Paolo Nutini.) I dipped it lightly into the water and quickly wrote a letter and repeated that. It’s like writing with ink.


Then write the text and draw the shapes with the permanent marker. You can just write over the chalk. Don’t wipe it off yet or you will wipe off the marker as well.


Put it in the oven and bake at 180 ° C for 30 mins. (You don’t need to preheat it.)


Let it cool and voilá! A love-themed customized plate!

See how I cleverly incorporated my last recipe into this post?! It just fits so perfectly with the little heart surprise…

Now. Carry on!