I’ve been on the first Christmas market today. First one this year of course. Even I can’t deny that Christmas is approaching fast. Did you realize that the advent starts next weekend? It kinda freaked me out a little. So much to do! Luckily I have already my Origami advent calendar from last year. This year it’s my boyfriends turn to fill it for me. At least!


But I still need to make an advent wreath and cookies and buy presents.


I always promise myself in October that I will be set and ready with all the presents at the beginning of December but I never manage to be this organized. However I promised myself another thing (that I intend to totally stick to): I either buy  from little shops or make the presents myself. How about you? Do you already have your presents together?

If you’re slightly like me (still hoping for an inspiration for the perfect presnt): I’ll be posting a few DIY presents (old and new tutorials) over the next weeks.

I still need to get myself into a full Christmas mood. Maybe some snow would help. Or I just need to decorate my flat a little more christmas-y. Maybe with these easy stars:


Are you in a Christmas mode already? What do you do to get yourself in the mood?

Now. Carry on!