Here comes the third and last part of my series about me. If you’re interested here is part I and part II. I’m not going to do this again any time soon but I’m happy to answer any questions that may come up.

10 random facts about me:


1. I never really dyed my hair nor do I have any desire to do so. I think sometimes about what life would be like if I were blonde but merely in a science-social-obeservation kind of way. I might buy myself a wig one day and go out as a blonde girl. I wonder if people (and with people I mean men) would treat me differently.

2. I was very shy when I was a kid and I still have to fight the urge to hide in a room with a lot of people that I don’t know. If you meet me, you probably wouldn’t notice because I made it my mission to try to talk to everybody. I put myself in uncomfortable situations on purpose to challenge my resolution.

3. I talk a lot. I try to be better at listening but to be honest, I find it quite hard. One of the reasons why I love my boyfriend so much is that he tries to listen even when I’m just babbling away – even in bed when he’s about to fall asleep.

4. I left Phuket, Thailand the day before the Tsunami in 2004. I stayed at the airport hotel on the day it rolled in and boarded the flight without even knowing what has happened. I only found out landing in Heathrow and there were reporters trying to get our story (I was on holiday with my Au Pair family). We saw later on the news what dramatic natural disaster we just escaped.

6. I’m a hopeless optimist. Not only a optimist but overall a very happy person. I know how to control my feelings (this sounds weird now that I see it written down). What I mean is: I don’t allow myself to be unhappy for more than half an hour (this also makes sense based on psychological research). So many people walk around in a grumpy, depressed and sad mood for no reason whatsoever and I don’t want to be that kind of person. You’re not enjoying yourself while in this mood. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m overly enthusiastic and jumping with joy all the time but I’m generally in a good mood.

7. Speaking of bad mood: I can get very hangry. When my blood sugar drops, I first start complaining and get quieter by the second (you better hide once I’m quiet for too long!). Just give me a little bit of chocolate, an apple or a cookie and nobody gets harmed.

8. I think feet are funny looking. When you start thinking about it, they are probably the strangest part on a human body.

9. I’m afraid of drowning. I blame my swim teacher who’s method it was to throw everybody into the water at the deepest side of the pool with the total logic reason that “we will finally swim if we have to”. I can swim and dive but it took years for me to have a normal relationship to water. It got so good that I started to learn surfing. Worst. Idea. Ever. Everything went wrong what could have (except for a shark attack, luckily). All the angst, panic and worries came back and I freak out if somebody threatens to dip my head under water. On my own I’m totally fine.

10. Everything I know about photography and photoshop I learned myself. With the help of youtube and a lot of trial-and-error I can master everything (at least that’s what I think).

Now. Carry on!