In my last “10 random facts about me“, I complained that I don’t like my picture taken. Not that I really hate it but I just don’t look good on them. Now I know what’s worse: finding facts about myself. This starts to be a real challenge. But life is a challenge and the magic happens outside the comfort zone and if you don’t challenge yourself you’ll never grow (I could go on forever with motivational quotes like this, you better don’t challenge me here!). Therefore I put together another list and I’m already thinking about what could be interesting to know for you after this post. Probably nothing. Everybody thinks this is stupid. Including me. Well then, join the club!

10 random facts about me (that are slightly less interesting than the last ones):

1. I love the rain – I get depressed when the sun shines for too long. And with too long I mean more than 2 weeks. I found this out when I was studying abroad in Perth. Luckily I arrived end of summer and in winter it does rain – and bloom.

2. I grew up without a TV. This is great in retrospect but I remember that I was left out on oh-so-many conversations because I didn’t see X episode of Y series or Z movie – especially being an adolescent. I still get very invested in stories and have a hard time to watch thrillers and hate scary movies.

3. I’d love to have a greener thumb. Sometimes I pretend I do and I feel like a child on Christmas once one of the plants I own blooms again – no need to say that I love plants.

4. I love coffee but shouldn’t actually drink it. I get quite nervous after having just a cappuccino. This however always depends on the day, time and what I ate first.

5. I get migraines. It started a few years ago and they don’t appear often – only about every 6-9 months. However they got worth and I have now something called migraines with Aura. I don’t know yet what triggers them. The worst part is that I can’t eat chocolate for 3 days because it would trigger it again. But I only have it for a day and I know people that have it much worth.

6. I grew up with a lot of animals around (although we didn’t have a farm). At one point my parents had horses, hens, a dog, a cat, rabbits and guinea pigs.

7. Speaking of pets: When I was a child I tried to domesticate some new species as pets. I wasn’t satisfied with the rabbits that I got from my parents nor the guinea pigs. I brought home a hedgehog, a toad and a wounded bird and I also took a shrew baby on holiday with my mum and grandma and nurtured it in my room until it went missing and I had to tell them. We found it dead in the kitchen 2 days later. All the others survived but my mum forced me to release them into the wild again – except the bird. It died as well but that wasn’t my fault what so ever.

8. I laugh at my own jokes the loudest. I think I’m hilarious but normally nobody joins in my laughter because they a) didn’t think it was funny, b) couldn’t understand the punchline because I was laughing too hard to articulate it properly or c) they didn’t get the joke because it was just too sophisticated. I guess it’s latter.

9. I used to hate olives. However when I was Au Pair in London, I didn’t want to be picky and so I ate them in the salad. Every. Single. Night. Now I love them.

10. I have very thin hair and it doesn’t grow longer than shoulder-length (I tried, trust me). However I look weird with long hair anyway, so I keep them short with bangs (because I look stupid without, I tried as well).

Now. Carry on!