To keep my promise I gave you on my Facebook-page: here is my second post for the week. Actually I made something with hearts again but then I thought: “one love related post a week is more than enough. Nobody can be that cheesy.” So here’s the other post. My DIY from yesterday. It’s actually a quite fast and easy arts and crafts project and I had everything at home already. What’s good. Because I’m still sick and going outside is not only very exhausting but not really an option.

I do have a confession to make before I start with the instructions: my boyfriend loves scotch and I hate it. I hate it so much that I can’t even smell it. I tried scotch several times and when I’m already a bit tipsy, I get used to the smell and I drink it, but I never enjoy it. It would never cross my mind to pour myself a glass and drink it at night. Even the thought of it… ugh!

But I came to good terms with the passion of my boyfriend and do you know why? Because the scotch comes in so pretty bottles and tins that I can use for my own purposes. So, drink on, my dear boyfriend! Have another glass or two!

I used the scotch tins already for pasta storage but I never came around to decorate them to make them more handy and prettier in the kitchen. So this is what I made yesterday.

All you need is some scotch tins, white paper, coloured paper (I ripped mine out of an old marimekko catalogue, these are examples of their fabrics, so pretty!), labels (leftover from Christmas), glue and a scalpel or scissors.

I wrapped the tins in white paper first so the writing doesn’t shine through.

Then the coloured paper.

And then the labels.

Look what I made!

I love upcycling. As I have shown on various occasions like here, here and here. What do you think of these DIY pasta storage tins?


These are not the only kitchen storage I made so far. Through upcycling I created quite the selection of shelves. Like here, here and here. Go check it out!

Now. Carry on!