I already started putting love-related DIYs on this blog 2 weeks ago. I don’t know why I’m this early this year. Normally my boyfriend and I end up forcing ourselves to at least go out for dinner and we end up running around in the cold for 1 hour and then eating in a restaurant that wasn’t our first choice but we had to take it anyway because all other’s were full. That’s how romantic we are. And organized. And considerate.

Maybe it’s also because we couldn’t celebrate our anniversary since we were apart or that we won’t be able to celebrate Valentine’s day either because we are in different countries again that I like to celebrate our relationship in our apartment. At least somewhere.

That’s why I created this S [heart] C string art hanging board.
I’ve seen string art as wall decor all over the internet lately. I really like the inspirational or artsy decors some created but I wanted to make something more personal.


I created a template for the serif letters out of paper and glued them to the piece of wood with double-sided tape. A lot of nails lost their lives when I tried to hammer them in because I chose so small and thin ones. Maybe not the smartest choice if you want to recreate it.


I also wanted to create an ombre effect and dyed the string myself. Unfortunately I didn’t need as much as I thought, so the ombre effect got lost. Who cares. That’s how I wanted it anyway. No, I didn’t. I lied.


And look what I made! A sign that proves your love. Or my ability to hammer. Ahem. Not the way you think, silly!


Now. Carry on!