I had friends over the other night. A couple to be precise and I know she is into crafting as well. So I showed her this new DIY project. Her boyfriend joined us and thought I purposely broke that glass just to make this. Yes, that’s so me. Wine glass in perfect shape and use? Let’s break it!

I told you already that I have friends and family bring me broken stuff or downright junk because they think I can use it. Uhm, thank you. I’ll put it in a very special place (called the bin). No, seriously. Most of the time I try put it to use. Like this wine glass that my dad broke. It’s such a shame when glasses break, don’t you think?  Just because the foot fell off they are useless. So I thought about what I could do with the broken glass and I came up with a little terrarium. (Still need to think about what to do with the foot but I let you know once I came up with something useful/pretty/genious.)


This upcycling idea seems now so obvious to me that I wonder why I didn’t do these with all the other wine glasses that broke. From now on I’ll never going to be sad ever again because of a broken glass.


All you need is:
– a broken wine glass
– nail polish (optional)

I used FIMO for the first time in my life and I have to say: it’s magic. Why did nobody tell me this when I was struggling with air-dry clay here and here?! Sometimes I think you are mean and like to challenge me. Really. You could have told me! If you don’t know it yourself, you’re excused. But from now on use it. Seriously. It’s magic. Oven-hardening modeling clay as it says on the website. Approved by Look What I Made! (They don’t pay me to say this. I’m this enthusiastic myself.)

I tried some different shapes and forms as top for the wine glass dome but I found that this branch with the birds the best option. However a heart or a simple knob looks great as well if you want something simpler.


Just mold your favourite shape and add a little more clay to the bottom and stick it on what’s left of the wine glass’ foot (in order to create the perfect from that will fit on the foot after it’s hardened).  FIMO needs to bake in the oven at 100°C for 30 mins. In this time it will harden.


Paint your shape with nail polish and stick it to the glass with a little more of the unbaked FIMO clay. If you look closely you can see where the hard clay ends and the soft clay begins.


Now you’re done. All you need now is a little plate as bottom for your new terrarium.


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Now. Carry on!