I’m still alive! Yes, I have been away from this blog for a while but don’t you think I forgot you! I did think of you quite a lot. I hope you do follow on Instagram or Facebook, so we can stay in touch even when I don’t have the time to write a full blogpost.

Life has been crazy lately: lots of work, last-minute trips and fun activities. Now that I write this I’m actually sitting on the sofa of friends. In London. Took a short trip here before I go to Brighton for a conference. There are a few changes coming but I’d like to involve you more.

Make your own flower salt | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

I’ve been quite busy as well – making stuff for clients but I sill love to make things for myself and share them with you here. This is my space to be free and come up with crazy stuff and things I like. I’m still about celebrating the little things in our daily lifes. That’s why today I’m gonna show you how to make flower salt – from all the herbs that started to bloom on my balcony. It’s not really a recipe per se but should just inspire you to make something similar. I’m sure you would have figured out how to make it yourself anyway.

Homemade flower salt

Homemade flower salt


    Flowers of
  • yarrow
  • thyme
  • borage
  • fruit sage
  • chives
  • cress
  • basil roses marigold
  • balm
  • elderflower
  • + salt


  1. Dry the flowers and blend them finely.
  2. Add salt.


Make your own flower salt - herb selection | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

Here’s a good overview of all the flowers I used for this salt. I may or may not have added a few more from my parent’s garden that don’t grow on my balcony. 😉

Make your own flower salt | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

I gave some of them away as presents and got a lot of great feedback. Next time, I’d use some more herbs though and less salt.

Make your own flower salt | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

The good thing is though that I can just add some more flowers over the time. So as soon as the basil or sage or mint start to bloom again, I’m out on my balcony picking them.

What about you? Are you preserving something this fall?

Now. Carry on!