As I said before: it’s quite easy to please me with cookies if there’s chocolate involved. Recipes without the dark gold (as I like to call chocolate) have a tough time with me. They have to be really good – not to sweet but with great texture and taste.

Over the years I tried a lot of them (I’m not one to shy away from tasting all kinds – I don’t discriminate before I’ve even tried) and here are my 3 favorite Christmas cookies recipes without chocolate.

My favorite Christmas cookies recipes (without chocolate) | LOOK WHAT I MADE ...

1 | These poppy seed macaroons are perfectly light
2 | These simple cookies are supposed to lift the mood (but which cookie doesn’t?)
3 | An Austrian classic – the Vanilla crescent shouldn’t be missing.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Anything that I should try?

Now. Carry on!